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Apr 11, 2014

Restoring an American Girl Cecile doll!

I got Cecile on Ebay and she is just so beautiful!  I've been slowly collecting a few American Girl dolls that each have a different face mold.  This doll has the Sonali mold which I think is much more flattering than the Addy mold!  

Addy is on the left and Sonali on the right side.  It's a subtle difference but I think Addy's chin and jaw look too masculine, along with her narrow face I think it makes her look kind of like an old lady.  Sonali's face mold is much more child like, chubby cheeks and a cute little smile.  

  Here's my Cecile when I first unwrapped her.  Her hair is tangled and messy and her vinyl is shiny. 

 Her body and limbs are perfectly clean though and I don't think I'll do any other repairs on her!
Here she is after I brushed and re-curled her hair!

Here's a nice before and after picture

After adding Cecile to our collection we have four different face molds.

(Can you tell my daughter likes pink?  She has all the dolls dressed in pink, even Cecile is wearing a pink skirt!)

Starting from the left we have Amy (JLY #37), Josefina, Elizabeth (Julie with an eye swap and new wig), Jess, and Cecile.   I'm not at all fond of the Addy face mold, and I don't really care much about the rare Asian face mold.  The only two I still want to get are Marie Grace and Kaya.
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Apr 3, 2014

Repairing a Bitty Baby Doll

I've expanded my doll repair business to include Bitty Baby!

Bitty baby dolls are put together different then American Girl dolls.  Bitty Babies limbs are sewn to the fabric body, so there's no way to do limb repair on them.  Unless you have an industrial sewing machine that can stitch through the vinyl, which I don't.  And since their hair is painted on, they don't need any hair brushing or washing.  So really all they need is skin cleaning!  

Here you can really see the before and after.  All I've done in this picture is wipe one side of her face with a magic eraser.  They really are magic!  You can see how the dirt, scuffs, and shine are all removed.

Here she is after cleaning the other side of her face.

I decided to wash her stuffing and fabric body as well, just to start her off fresh and clean.  It's a little different than with American Girl dolls, since I could not remove her limbs, but she cleaned up nicely.

Her neck strings have been cut, so I'll replace those, and probably give her a little lip color to brighten up her face.  But overall she looks great!

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Lace Pacifier holders

I've been making pacifier clips!

For these clips I used lace trim and added colorful ribbon to both sides.  
To show off my new creations, I customized my Berenguer doll with a magnetic pacifier.

They are in my shop if anyone is interested!
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Mar 12, 2014

My Berenguer doll sewing model!

If you've read my blog for any amount of time you'll know I get bored easily!  I'm constantly trying out new projects jumping from cakes, to sewing, to clay, to doll clothes, to whatever fun idea hits me.  Well, my new obsession is Preemie Baby clothes!  

I got this doll that fits Preemie sized clothes and have been having fun making little outfits for it.  I even put a few on my Etsy shop for any tiny baby that needs to look cute! 

The doll is made by Berenguer, a Spanish doll maker that specializes in realistic looking dolls. Apparently this doll is often used for reborning.  If you don't know what reborning is, it's an art form where you paint a doll with different colors and variations to look like a real newborn baby.  Some of the ones I've seen look amazingly realistic!  Here's a good example.

and this one is incredible!

While I have no interest in getting a reborn doll, I did like the idea of a fairly realistic looking doll to use as a sewing model.  I chose this particular doll because of it's vinyl body and limbs, I can dress it in any style outfit and not have an ugly fabric body showing thru.  And since it measures about 17 inches long it can wear Preemie baby clothes.  

I like the cute expression the possition of the limbs, most other dolls I looked at had straight arms and legs.  I really like how this doll has it's legs and arms curled up, I think it makes it look much more realistic.

And though it does not have any painting or shading I think it is realistic enough without being creepy.  There is a lot of debate about reborn dolls.  Many people think they are an unhealthy replacement for human contact. While other people think they are just a fun toy to dress and play with.  

All I know is that my kids have gone crazy for this doll since we got it and I'm seriously thinking of getting another one!  They all, even the two boys, have been playing with it.  Of course the way the boys play is a little different than the way my daughter plays.  She enjoys dressing it and strolling it around the house in her baby stroller, the boys enjoy dropping in on the floor and pretending its screaming in pain!  That's boys for you.

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Mar 5, 2014

Jake and the Neverland Pirates Birthday Party!

My youngest son turned 4 this week!  He loves to watch Jake and the Neverland Pirates on the Disney Channel and wanted to have a pirate birthday party!  

I dressed him up in his most pirate like clothes, painted on a beard, and added some pirate accessories. 

He had more fun shooting his eye patch than actually wearing it!

For his cake I kept it simple.  I decorated a 10 inch round cake with blue frosting and added some crumbled up Nilla Wafer cookies to look like sand.  Then we added some Jake and the Neverland Pirates figures on top!  

Happy Birthday baby!

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