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Aug 23, 2014

Back to School Time

School has started and the projects have stopped!
The kids started last week and there's only one more week until my husband and I start, and we are officially BUSY! This year is the start of a whole new system for us.  I have always home schooled our kids, but starting this year we enrolled them in public school!  My thoughts are mixed about this new adventure.  Sending my babies to be taught by someone else, with different values, and different school curriculum is a little scary.  But it's a sacrifice I'm willing to make so I can go back to school myself.  It's going to be an exciting year!

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Jul 3, 2014

Berenguer La Newborn Doll Review: 14 inch vs 17 inch comparison

  I ordered the 14 inch La Newborn doll to use as my sewing model a couple months ago, you can read more about that doll in my other post here, but I was a little disappointed that it didn't quite fit preemie clothes.  Even though it is listed as a 14 inch doll, it is actually the representation of a 16.5-17 inch baby.  Because of it's curved legs and back, it measures short.  I measured it along the legs and back to see how long it would be if it were able to straighten out.  It measured about 17 inches,  and that got me thinking about the 17 inch La Newborn doll.  It is also in a curled up position and measures short. That's when I started searching the internet to find out how long it would measure if it were able to stretch out.  Apparently the 17 inch version is not as popular, because I hardly found out any information and could not find any reborn photo's of that doll.  So I decided to take a chance and order one hoping it would be quite a bit bigger then the 14 inch doll.  I'm so happy I took a chance on this doll!
 Here I have both dolls next to each other to show the size difference.  Not only is the 17 inch doll longer, but it's also much thicker and a far more accurate newborn size.  I measured each doll to show you how they compare.  

Here's the 14 inch La Newborn first.
 I taped the measuring tape to the doll so I could try and figure out how long it would be if the doll's legs were straightened out.
 The 14 inch doll actually measures about 16.5- 17 inches.
The head measures about 12.5 inches.

Here's the 17 inch La Newborn doll.
 The actual length measures about 20.5 inches.  A very good representation of a real newborn baby.
 The average length for newborns is between 18-21 inches, so I am thrilled with the size of this doll.
The head measures about 13.5 inches. That's just a touch smaller then the average newborn whose head would measure between 13.75- 14.25 inches.  But for me to use as a sewing model it will work wonderfully!
I also dressed up both dolls to show how they fit in preemie diapers and baby clothes.  Both dolls can wear preemie diapers and preemie clothes, however they are not a very good fit on the 14 inch doll.
You can see here the preemie diapers are too big for the 14 inch doll.  They almost reach up to the armpits and the tabs have to be crossed all the way over each other to hold the diaper on.
Here you can see that the Preemie sleeper doesn't really fit either doll very well.  It's too short for the 17 inch doll, I could barely get the feet snapped inside, and it's too long and baggy on the 14 inch doll.
See how the Preemie sleeper is pulling down in the back, it's just too short on the 17 inch doll.  
So I tried a Newborn (pink flowers) and 0-3 month (blue and white dogs) sleepers to see how they fit.  I think the Newborn size is just about perfect.  While the 0-3 month could work, it's just a bit too baggy for me. 
It probably depends on what brand sleepers you use, but I didn't notice much difference between the newborn and 0-3 month sizes.  These are just old sleepers I saved from when my kids were newborns, so maybe with several washings they are not true to size anymore.  
Just for fun here's a comparison of my 17 inch Berjusa along side my two Berenguers.  I don't like the skin texture or coloring as much on the Berjusa doll, and the limbs seam too short in comparison to the body size.  Over all I am just so happy I went ahead and got the 17 inch La newborn, it is far superior to the others. Even my 4 year old son prefers the Berenguer dolls.

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May 31, 2014

Two New Crochet Animals

I've been doing a lot of crocheting recently and I came up with two new animals! 
First is this cute bear, she was inspired by this Tummy Bear, I used the same color pattern but changed the pattern to my own tastes.

Then I made a Kitten!

I think next time I'll use smaller eyes, but my son loves it just the way it is.  I even made him a yarn ball to play with.

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May 14, 2014

New Amigurumi Pattern: The Basic Bunny

This is my second Amigurumi pattern!  Amigurumi is the art of crocheting in the round to create stuffed animals and dolls. This pattern is very easy and works up fast!

This bunny is 7 inches tall and can be made with a variety of different accents.  You could line the ears and feet with felt or add some clothes.

I added a ribbon the ear to make her more feminie.

With this pattern you have the choice of making your bunny sitting or standing.

If you prefer you could use safety eyes for a different look.

The pattern is available in my shop!
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Apr 11, 2014

Restoring an American Girl Cecile doll!

I got Cecile on Ebay and she is just so beautiful!  I've been slowly collecting a few American Girl dolls that each have a different face mold.  This doll has the Sonali mold which I think is much more flattering than the Addy mold!  

Addy is on the left and Sonali on the right side.  It's a subtle difference but I think Addy's chin and jaw look too masculine, along with her narrow face I think it makes her look kind of like an old lady.  Sonali's face mold is much more child like, chubby cheeks and a cute little smile.  

  Here's my Cecile when I first unwrapped her.  Her hair is tangled and messy and her vinyl is shiny. 

 Her body and limbs are perfectly clean though and I don't think I'll do any other repairs on her!
Here she is after I brushed and re-curled her hair!

Here's a nice before and after picture

After adding Cecile to our collection we have four different face molds.

(Can you tell my daughter likes pink?  She has all the dolls dressed in pink, even Cecile is wearing a pink skirt!)

Starting from the left we have Amy (JLY #37), Josefina, Elizabeth (Julie with an eye swap and new wig), Jess, and Cecile.   I'm not at all fond of the Addy face mold, and I don't really care much about the rare Asian face mold.  The only two I still want to get are Marie Grace and Kaya.
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